Sunday, February 08, 2004

It's been a few weeks!
So much has been going on that I have not had much time to write. I hope you have not missed me.

We have been trying to get the house completed from remodeling that was started 5 years ago. So far, we have things going in the right direction. The stair case is well on its way to becoming complete. More on that in a minute. The hallway is almost complete with laundry room bifold doors. Just needs a little paint. All the sheet rock is hung, plastered with only one more layer needed. The kitchen was kind of a new project that my wife, Melanie, wanted to do. She stripped all the doors and cabinets and sanded them down. She put 4 coats of paint on them and is almost finished painting. We also put some thin molding on the fronts of the doors to add a touch of class. We also added some crown molding around the tops of the cabinets. With the 2 china cabinet doors, we cut out the centers and added glass. We frosted a pattern on the glass for a nice effect.

The stairs, as mentioned before, are coming along nicely. They have one coat of paint on the risers and sides. The treads have a walnut color stained on them. They look good!!! Waiting on the railings and balusters to come in, hopefully this week and then we can finish the treads with a couple of coats of clear coat poly.

Melanie is also gonna finish the kitchen and then we are going to put in new counter top, ceiling and wood floors. Can's wait to see it when it through. Stay tuned!