Sunday, September 09, 2007

Action in the net

Originally uploaded by Eagle Shooter
Have you been to a volleyball match lately? If not, you may have missed something. The rules have changed. Now, they don't just play to 15 in a game, they play to 25 and every point counts. They tried to make the matches move along, well now they move a little too fast. If you have to pay, I don't have to, you pay 4 or 5 dollars to sit and watch the action for about an hour. Then, your done, the day is clear and you have to find something else to do.
I understand that they are trying to move things along, but that is crazy. Now this past week, I was glad the games moved at a fast pace. It was the hottest gym I think I had ever been to. Just sitting on the bleachers, my shirt was wet. So I guess sometimes things work out. Go out and enjoy a match, just be sure to have other things planned for the evening!