Friday, December 17, 2004

Swimming 101

So, what does a 38 year old male do these days to make himself proud? He starts swimming at the gym everyday and works up to swimming a half a mile at a time. I figure that I have logged about 6 miles as of today with all but 2 of the most recent sessions of a 1/4 mile or less. Today I finished my second half mile this week and am feeling pretty good as we speak.
I grew up on the coast of North Carolina and used to swim in intercoastal waterway but nothing like this. There were the ever so often swims in front of the house but never more than a few yards. I used to go sailing every weekend and used to have to swim underwater to flip the boat back over but still nothing like this.
Better yet, can you imagine getting up at 5:30am and going to the pool and the temperature outside is 18 degrees? I did that too! The best thing about the outside temps is that it makes the pool water even warmer to the skin. Most times however, the water feels like luke warm bath water so it is not a big deal and some days it is even a little warmer.
It is so nice to be able to exercise and feel good about myself and now I even have much more energy to play with my son Chris.