Sunday, November 21, 2004

So. . . Where have you been?

I always know where I am but apparently, you forgot about me.
There has been so much going on that this blogging thing has completely slipped my mind. But now I am back and let see if we can catch up in a few.
First and foremost, Christopher is growing up fast and is turning into a jokster. He talks a mile a minute and can move about the house before you know he was gone. He is very helpful and courteous so lets just see how long that can last. He had his 3 rd Birthday a few months ago and had many of his playschool friends over to the church playground for his party. Of course, it has to be "Nemo" themed and all the kids loved it.
We did not travel too much this past summer other than going to Oma and Opa's house on the coast. I had to go to a couple training sessions so I was back and forth a couple of time during July but I think Christopher finally found his true love, the beach! He will run and scream at the water and never want to go home.