Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who gave them the right to change it?

So, lets just jump into it. Who gave the fine folks in Atlanta, GA the right to change the one thing that I trusted other than my kids love? Who told them that something was wrong and how the heck did they come up with this idea?

I guess you are wondering what I am talking about, huh? No, I am not talking about Home Depot and their efforts to advertise without Tony Stewart. I really don't have a problem with Chick-fil-A right now, they have a fine products and rarely have changed it other than adding a mighty fine milk shake to their lineup. Yes, both these companies hail from Atlanta, but neither are as widely known as the corporation I have a beef with, sorry Chick-fil-a cows!!!

The fine, or they may be slipping from that post, people at the Coke Corporation have finally drawn one of their loyal customers out. Yes, I agree that I drink too many Diet Cokes on a daily basis and even more on the weekends. They have finally drawn first straw in their current mess up!! (Remember Coke Classic?) The people at Coke have decided that the general public has gotten too use to the 20oz bottle. They must feel that we can't decide that 20oz is enough. What they have done is given us 2 other choices that are no where in comparison to what we want!

First, there is this, what I call, the "Pony" 16 oz. bottle. First of all, after all these years of drinking 20 ozs, by the time I finish the 16oz, I am still thirsty. It does not fit in your drink cozies or drink holders in the car. Oh, ok, well it does fit, but when you slam on the breaks, since the bottle is so small, it takes off on its own flight pattern!

Then you have the 24 oz, why the heck am I drinking this, bottle. Ths bottle is so big, by the time you finish it, its too warm to swallow the last drops. It's so big that even though it fits in the drink cozy, it towers above to do it no thermal help what so ever!

I tried to help these "slim bottle" people understand my concerns. I visited their website to voice my displeasures but they do not have a place to even send in comments! They do have a suggestions form, but you have to sign a "Terms of Agreement" clause that is like declaring war!

To the people of Atlanta: Don't let the folks at the Coke Corporation bring you down. Tell them, let your voices be heard. Bring back our 20oz, handing fitting, thrist quenching bottles please!!! Until that time comes, I may have my coke, but probably not with a smile!