Sunday, August 26, 2007

Football is rolling again!

Originally uploaded by Eagle Shooter
Looking at the photo shown, you would think I was pulling for the defense in this shot. Well, I work at the offensive school. Still don't know? I was pulling for neither. I was pulling for the best shot possible and I got it. The ball came out and there was a scramble involved to regain the ball but all in all the EB offense got the ball back with additional yardage.
I love what I do. I love teaching young adults during the day and shooting what they do best at night. It may seem to get old, but I do not think of it that way. It gets me out of the house and off the computer. I know, I still have to use the computer to process the images, that is just a side point. Most of the time in what free time I have, I am found sitting at the computer or playing with my kids.
Photography is where I can forget my troubles and think about the shot. Football is the best, but as I tried to sit out a season about 8 years ago, I found that sitting in the stands is for the birds, I like being on the sidelines, smelling the sweat and getting a feel for the game from where most have never stood!